Sofa Moments

The only way I have ever found of getting/keeping fit is to consistently just do it. Consistency is key. Get a quality Fitness Instructor and a programme and start a new lifestyle. And stick at it.


It is also true that we are what we think. The Bible tells us so (Prov.23:7). Our habitual thought patterns have a profound effect on what we do/where we go. How about memorising some personal promises from the Bible and see how powerful it is when you can just chew over it on the train or in the loo or wherever. His word abiding in us will change our thinking.

And it is also true that we are what we read, in the sense that books have immense capacity to change us.

I can recall times in my teens and twenties when a book that had landed in my world radically changed what I did, how I saw myself and how I knew God. I call them sofa moments – when I was sat reading a book that had managed to come to my attention and I now look book and see that God used that writer, and that book, to speak to me about something important. The Pleasures of Loving God (Mike Bickle) and Desiring God (John Piper) are two examples of that. Books can be used by God to interpret our worlds and speak to us.

I recommend being intentional about your reading this year. Christianity is a good magazine to get a good over-view of what’s going on (currently on offer), but I also recommend finding some authors from pockets of the church that you are less familiar with and try reading something different.

Why not give yourself a reading target as you would a fitness target this year. My target is 2 books a month.


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