Fitness Blender and Injury Fix

If you love your exercise and would benefit from some low-cost and free resources to help you in this new season, here are a couple of paragraphs plugging two of the best resources that I have discovered in in the last 15 years working within exercise and health.

One of the components of exercise that is much neglected is the area of stretching and flexibility. During preparations for a half-marathon a couple of years ago, I used this website to develop some really good stretching routines that became the core of my training, particularly post runs. Brad Walker in Australia has heaps and heaps of experience in this field and a lot of the resources he offers are for free. If you have any niggling injuries it’s very much worth looking at the articles available for some advice.

The second amazing recommendation is a company called Fitness Blender who focus a lot on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and maintaining healthy weight through regular exercise and nutritional programmes. Again, a lot of their stuff is free and incredibly helpful if you are wanting to lose weight or increase your lean muscle mass (the golden key to loosing weight). One of their warm-up videos will give you an idea of how helpful these guys can be if you use their free website.

Any questions about any of this in practice, please just use the comments box to ask, or better still ask the guys directly….

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