Just As You Are

Hello Blogg (ers)!

I have been having a rest from blogging over the last year – it has been a good break.

One of the main themes of all my prayers is the on-going ask that Paul had that the Father would grant a Spirit of wisdom and revelation to the NT (Ephesians 1:17) church that they might know Jesus better.

This has become my theme every time I open the word or pray because seeing Jesus as He is really is the answer to everything: greater, deeper love for people, preference of His infinitely valuable presence over sin, increased humility/decreasing pride…the list could go on.

I wrote the song (below) after I saw something stunning in Isa.53:2 where the prophet Isaiah describes Jesus:

“…like a root out of dry ground; he had no form or majesty that we should look at him and no beauty that we should desire him.”

This was once the case for all of us – like the Roman soldiers who crucified Him or unbelievers today who don’t see the beauty of Christ – it’s as though there was nothing about Him that we would be attracted to Him. How incredibly wrong!

It was the reality that this is still true for me as a believer today that brought this song out. Even though I ‘know’ that Jesus is infinitely valuable and my most beautiful Treasure, daily my soul needs reminding. Despite being made alive in my heart by God to believe, I still barely see His beauty. Jesus is more beautiful and desirable than I could ever know so my only response  has to be the Ephesians 1:17 prayer- Lord, please help me to know You more, that I might see You as infinitely majestic and beautful. Just As You Are….

Be blessed,


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Radical Preparation for the Return of Christ

5 thoughts on “Just As You Are

  1. love this song, it’s so easy to get into and for it to become part of your life. That chorus is just beautiful too. Great recording, great performance, great song. x

  2. Just As You Are


    Though now I see in part a greater time will come
    To see the fullness of the Father’s Son
    To see Your majesty and all You are for me
    The fullness of the measure of Your love


    O Hear my cry, be glorified


    There’s nothing like Your love
    And no-one like You, God
    Take away my pride that I would see You
    Just as You are

    There’s nothing I want more than
    To love the way You love me
    Open up my eyes that I would see You
    Just as You are

    Verse 2

    No eye has ever seen or heart could fully know
    The wonders of the kingdom still to come
    In all Your beauty You will be the Nations joy
    The glory of the King again to come


    O hear my cry, be glorified



    Just as You are, i want to see You
    Just as You are, I want to know You

  3. Just listened to this and been very much blessed mate. Along the same lines I’m reading ‘Through the looking glass: reflections on Christ that change us’ by Kris Lundgaard at the moment – it’s got exactly your passion.

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