Christmas Cheers

Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey, as though he needed a ride, was actually a beautiful moment in Scripture when prophecy about the Christ was fulfilled. Isn’t it interesting that the Christ, the Saviour should enter the city to the mass hysteria of the people, sat on the back of a donkey – a common working animal. Perhaps a horse would have been more appropriate or a fleet of chariots, but Jesus came humbly whereupon he was met with the cheers and salutations of the crowds.

This Christmas, how do our lives reflect the King that came on a donkey? Do our lives crave the praises of men or fear the rejection of them? Jesus’ humility on a donkey was securely rooted in His felt sense of acceptance of the Father Yahweh, which is why he didn’t play to the crowd with chariots and why he didn’t run from the crowds days later when the shouted “crucify him! crucify him!”.  Let us explore and discover how truly loved and accepted we are by God this Christmas and revel in this as the real joy of Christmas present.

For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given, and the government will be upon his shoulders. He will be called wonderful, counsellor, prince of peace, everlasting Father!

The Prophet Isaiah





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2 thoughts on “Christmas Cheers

  1. God’s ways are always higher and deeper than ours and beyond our understanding. The fact that Christ chose to ride on a lowly, BORROWED donkey is a testament to this truth. Jesus knew that these same people that were waving palm branches would very shortly be waving their fists and crying, “Crucify him!”. Yet Jesus still wanted to die for us! Who can understand the depth of his love? Sadly, none of us do.

  2. Yes, it is true…but the invitation to spend my days on Earth exploring it is exciting and truly good news. I pray that the Spirit of wisdom and revelation would be on you that you would know Jesus better…a prayer I echo from Ephesians 1 for myself daily.

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