Mount God – part 3


So, distractions…..

I want to make this the last entry on Mount God becuase my intention is to encourage you to start ‘climbing’ in your walk with God with new intention, urgency and creativity and to leave you to explore the Holy Noth Face – in new ways!

I am learning that God is continually inviting me to climb higher that I ever have before. If you imagine God up ahead of you waving you through shouting “c’mon!…I can’t wait for you to see this…meet them…do that” – the Creator of the Universe, that we have the incomprehensible privilege of calling Dad, is an excited God. He is like a Child on Christmas eve, anticipating the gifts and treats and festive fun of the next day. And yet His excitement is not centred on Himself, it is centred on our exploration of unchartered territory in spiritual places.

Reading the beginning of Ephesians is like being told about all the Christmas presents that you have waiting for you…except that you already have them. Every spritual blessing is ours in Christ. We are heavenly billionaires with excess and yet we can become overwhelmed witht the prospect that many of the blessings can remain undiscovered – unrealised.

I remember one Christmas as a kid and I got everything I was hoping for. Everything. This included the Optimus Prime figure that I really, really wanted. And I can remember the strange feeling of wanting to give some stuff away because I felt like I had too much stuff to process at once. I needed things in smaller chunks. One present at a time – perhaps one a day for the next week or something. But the mound of presents that I had unwrapped and were sat neatly piled on the carpet in front of me was too much.

I think we read the fact in Ephesians 1 that we have “every spiritual blessing in Christ” and look at it like I looked at my Christmas Mount that day – we don’t know where to start.

God invites us to explore the spiritual realm. He invites us to be more supernatural. He invites us to exercise more spiritual authority and to take risks.

I have a conviction that holiness is the currency of this journey, this ride. Can you commit to the expedition of Mount God, of exploring prayer at new heights and worship as a lifestyle in new depths? Can you relax and allow God to guide you? Can you take steps away from distractions so deadly and yet so subtle?

Just as adverse weather fronts can make natural climbs impossible, so do the distractions of excessive leisure time. We’re obsessed with ‘chilling out’ and ‘relaxing’. Of course this is awesome in its place, but how about getting alone with God for 90 minutes instead of watching a dvd? How about coming before Him with a fresh sense of wonder and excitement and imagination?

Imagine what is up in front of you…imagine what sights…imagine what revelations.

God Himself longs for us to have a holy focus in that place – that’s why Jesus advised going into the secret place and closing the door. What do you and I need to close the door on? I know I need to close the door on voices, thoughts and other desires…maybe it’s ambition at work or perhaps apathy. We all need to close the door on apathy at times. But the reason Jesus advised closing the door and yourself into that place is because there is Someone waiting within.

I find it a stunning reality that every day I can wake up and wait on the One who created all things and yet I find it so difficult sometimes, just to wait patiently.

In climbing Mount God this is the biggest key…waiting on the voice of God…listening. John 15 describes it as ‘abiding’.

I could write on and on about this but perhaps I have been coherent enough to excite you and stir you into exploring this Place with God.

Be persistent at it…that is what I am learning.

Love ya all,


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