New Book (2019)

If the Church was an individual person – an actual life to psychologically assess – she would be medicated, hospitalised and labelled “high risk”.


Because she doesn’t know who she is and wouldn’t be safe left to her own devices. She would end up self-harming or worse.

Stunningly, Jesus, as her betrothed Defender and Guardian, is readying her for His soon return. The coming Messianic King is a bridegroom approaching His literal wedding day and the kingdom of heaven is like a Father who’s making preparations.

The Church will be the most effective anti-depressant on the face of the earth. Full of loving truth and uncompromising clarity, she will also be the most hated group of people in history.

This new book by Nick Franks (title undisclosed) is an urgent wake-up call to the global Church but especially the Western, UK Church whose compromised infatuation with religion and man-made doctrines are rendering her bleating and goat-like.

What role will you play in the Church moving forwards? What do you see of her as she stands before Kings and Queens, governments and monarchies?

How is it that the dissolution of denomination is now upon us?

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