Beloved, I will allure you.

Church, is your conscience not conscripted?

What people say

This is the message that needs to be shared as the traditional Church system is shaking and crumbling, and the sons of God are about to come forth to reveal Christ to the world. God bless you all and open doors for opportunities to get this Word out quickly! 

Donna Nefferdorf

As His disciples, are we operating as effectively as we can? As His Body, are we aiming for all that He asks of us? As His Bride, are we prepared for what is about to come? If you answered no to any or all these questions, then you would agree that the Church needs to STOP with business as usual.

Seamus Bannon

A Manifesto of Preparation

What people say

Have you ever read something that caused you to weep? To weep both bitter and sweet tears because the very thing you are reading is exactly what God has been saying to your heart for years?

Richard Henry

If there ever was a word or message for church at this point in history, this is it! Franks succinctly articulates what growing numbers of true believers have been sensing and thinking.

Tolly Owens

Mental Health & Faith

A series of films hosting a conversation for the Church on anxiety & depression

A Podcast to Breach the Chaos of the Church

1 Corinthians (part 39): The Present & Continuous Holy Spirit [part 4]: Keep Asking Into the Pray

Hello! Thank you for listening to our podcast and hope that you are growing in a love for the Bible through this weekly teaching series, City of Temples. In a couple of weeks we welcome Alisa Childers to the podcast, so please look out for that.Today, approaching the UK's autumn half-term week, perhaps you would spend some time thinking about the previous 3 episodes, (The Present Continuous Holy Spirit parts 1-3) and this vital emphasis today within that.Are we keeping on asking or have we 'grown up'?You can watch this episode of Into the Pray here. AND if you haven't seen the beginning of our new church leader VLOG series on YouTube, you can do so here. Finally, to help us develop this digital media, please would you seriously consider helping us with 3 things:1) Consider GIVING to our work here; 2) FORWARD this episode to your networks and, if you haven't already,3) RATE & REVIEW Into the Pray on whatever platform you get your podcasts on. Many thanks. Maranatha/love
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  2. English Bishops Converting to Catholicism (feat. Nick Franks)
  3. All the Prophets: Psalms (feat. Christopher Ash)
  4. COVID-19: But Aren't Other Meds Also Wrong Then? ⛑
  5. 1 Corinthians (part 38): The Present & Continuous Holy Spirit #3