Beloved, I will allure you.

Church, is your conscience not conscripted?

What people say

This is the message that needs to be shared as the traditional Church system is shaking and crumbling, and the sons of God are about to come forth to reveal Christ to the world. God bless you all and open doors for opportunities to get this Word out quickly! 

Donna Nefferdorf

As His disciples, are we operating as effectively as we can? As His Body, are we aiming for all that He asks of us? As His Bride, are we prepared for what is about to come? If you answered no to any or all these questions, then you would agree that the Church needs to STOP with business as usual.

Seamus Bannon

A Manifesto of Preparation

What people say

Have you ever read something that caused you to weep? To weep both bitter and sweet tears because the very thing you are reading is exactly what God has been saying to your heart for years?

Richard Henry

If there ever was a word or message for church at this point in history, this is it! Franks succinctly articulates what growing numbers of true believers have been sensing and thinking.

Tolly Owens

Mental Health & Faith

A series of films hosting a conversation for the Church on anxiety & depression

A Podcast to Breach the Chaos of the Church

IVF is NOT OK (feat. Mairi Franks) Into the Pray

Hello!Thank you for listening to Into the Pray. Please consider supporting our work here and/or here.  “Some people read the headline and don’t stay around long enough to listen to the song. This is one of the most beautiful testimonies I (Nick) have ever heard.”Today’s episode of the podcast is the audio from Mairi’s beautiful testimony to a group of ladies from a church in London last week. You can watch the vlog here.  Please listen with an open heart knowing that we have nothing to gain as a couple by sharing this testimony, other than peace, joy and wholeheartedness before the One Who is coming. Be encouraged by listening to C. H. Spurgeon’s sermon, “Awake! Awake!” (read by Nick) here.   Order our new gospel tract for your parish here. Did you hear Aimee's STUNNING Good Friday testimony? You can watch our full length conversation with her via YouTube here and her flagship testimony film  here. If you have any questions, thoughts or testimonies, please contact us here. How to pray for Ukraine (and other nations)? See a new video here. Our flagship content: 🚢 🔥 2022: Homosexual Household Disrupted2022: Repent Now; He Loves You. 2021: Calling YESHUA2020: The Draft – A Conscription of Conscience 2019: Body Zero – Radical Preparation for the Return of Christ2018: The Bothy Sessions – Mental Health & the Church2016: Jesus ComeCome, Lord Jesus!Love,Nick & Mairi xx
  1. IVF is NOT OK (feat. Mairi Franks)
  2. Awake! Awake! (C. H. Spurgeon)
  3. 1 Corinthians (FINAL EPISODE – 59): Maranatha! [+Writing Announcement]
  4. The Anti-Christ Misrepresentation of Aquila (Warning Egalitarians) ⚠️ ⛔️
  5. 1 Corinthians (part 58) Deo Volente🕊