God’s Green Room 2017

Greetings! Mairi and I are so pumped to be able to let you know about a new film/music project that, God willing, we’ll be releasing in the Spring of 2017.

Following on from the epic Jesus Come project last year, that combined a spectacular film and song of worship about the return of Christ, we’re now believing for some external funding support to enable us to move beyond the tipping point and limitation of all our self-funding to date.

In the same crisp, high-quality style as Jesus Come, God’s Green Room will be a larger film/music resource as an adaptation of Andrew Murray’s classic book  Abide in Christ.  Murray’s book focuses on the wonders and shocking truths found in John 15, the words of Christ that are meant to be our due North as lovers of God but that often remain locked up.

Our vision is now to produce a resource so compelling that it will literally shape the lives of individuals and communities all across the world toward powerful lives of worship and prayer.

Maybe you could do something to help us make this a reality by leaving a donation on the Jesus Come download page on Noisetrade?

Please spend a few moments checking out our campaign for this HERE, featured with Hello Christian.

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Thanks so much


Nick and Mairi