Jesus Come

We believe that the beauty and influence of the Church is measured by the degree of our love-sickness for Jesus We’re not created for bunker mentalities We’re not meant to live only task-focused lives We’re called to go hard after a lost, hurting world while we burn for His return *LISTEN to our FREE débutContinue reading “Jesus Come”

By You

A W Tozer said ‘What you think about when you think about God is the most important thing about you” What do you think about?


When we try and express in words what it means for God to be present among us, we always run out of superlatives and we can become familiar with the greatest mystery of the Universe. Moses spoke of God’s Presence as literally as essential to him as the air he breathed. The Apostles described Jesus’Continue reading “Presence”

With Us

Life can be exceedingly painful. We can all get battered by events as we journey through. The Christian experience of being ‘black and blue’ is very real, despite our victory and hope in Christ. Testimony is a prescription of sanity for all of us. Let’s tell our stories of God’s faithfulness in always being WithContinue reading “With Us”