About: Nick Franks

Born and raised in TQ3 of the English Riviera in Devon, Nick spent a very privileged 19 years growing up just a 60-second bike ride up the road from Preston Sands playing a lot of football and a lot of piano before heading to South West London to study at University – where he did a lot of growing up.

After graduating from TW1 in London in 2002, he headed to Life Church UK in Bradford for Christian leadership training and eventually BD3 became a new home base for building church within a great team. While living in Bradford, he worked for the NHS as an clinical exercise specialist as well as serving and learning at Life Church, mainly within its world-class worship ministry.

Carrying a burden for maturity in the Church, expressed through prayer, worship, bold proclamation and readiness for the return of Christ, Nick and Mairi Franks now live in the city of Edinburgh, loving to serve at Elim Pentecostal Church.

*Nick is available for speaking engagements, digital photography, videography, copywriting, blogging and consultation at competitive rates all across the UK*


Nick and Mairi Franks

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