About: Nick Franks

I’ve been learning to love Jesus for three decades.

Since being possessed by the Holy Spirit 30 years ago, I have wanted to live for nothing other than loving Him and making Him known…as I should.

The groundbreaking, debut book “Body Zero – Radical Preparation for the Return of Christ” is a distilled amalgamation of my highest highs and lowest lows throughout this undulating terrain of Christian sojourn and the one thing I would say to a watching world:

The Body of Christ are in a world of trouble and Jesus is coming. We’re not ready. This book – and these vlogs – are to prepare the Church to be able to prepare the world for the most unfathomably epic reality that is still to come.

Nick is married to the very beautiful Mairi.

More info on Nick & Mairi Franks here.


Thank you for visiting Firebrand Notes and hanging out!

*Nick is available for speaking engagements, digital photography, videography, copywriting, blogging and consultation at competitive rates all across the UK*

Listen to “Beware the Enchantment of Digital Media”

Nick and Mairi Franks

2 thoughts on “About: Nick Franks

  1. Really enjoying your podcasts nick on Google podcast app. Relevant and real. Really encouraged by them. Bless you

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