About: Nick Franks

I’ve been learning to love Jesus for three decades.

Since 1989 when I was given saving faith by the Holy Spirit to call upon Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, I have wanted to live for nothing other than loving Him and making Him known.

But that hasn’t always gone so well. Here’s a brief testimony.

Repent Now; He loves you. (Click for more info).

NEW BOOK: Redeeming Radicalisation in the Kingdom of God
Repent Now; He Loves you.

Thirty years later, my debut, 2019 book, “Body Zero – Radical Preparation for the Return of Christ”, (followed by my 2023 book here), is a distilled amalgamation of my highest highs and lowest lows of Christian sojourn and the one thing I would say to a watching world:

The Body of Christ are in a world of trouble and Jesus is coming; we are not ready.

Body Zero (2019):
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