JesusCome! Community

It has been a bit of a stress and resisted fiercely but we have finally – praise God – launched the JesusCome! Community App!

Several months ago, Mairi and I sat around a kitchen table in rural North Scotland talking about the ridiculousness of Christians obsessively using Facebook and other mainstream social media platforms within the rhythms of our daily life….and still hoping to grow into spiritual maturity. We should know, we did for a decade or more.

Does this mean that Facebook et al have zero positive benefits? Of course not.

However, with unique regard to the peculiar Luke 1:17 preparation of the Church (our personal and corporate discipleship) for the Second Coming, we are convinced that this mainstay of so many of our lives (#stopthescroll) is actively opposing Christian maturity.

It followed that once colour schemes, logos, concepts, tone tables, etc were thrown around in discussion, we landed on the simple and ancient cry of marana thaCome, Lord! as the focus of a new international community. (And it has been for us as long as we can remember).

So much of life, even in our Christian “ministry” and service, can interfere with this fixed-gaze focus on the overarching, transcendent reality that Jesus is coming. (I’ve written 80,000 words on this if you’re interested).

I think it’s worth asking ourselves every single day whether or not what we are building is with this Day – the fire of His return – in mind. (Please see 1 Corinthians 3:12-15).

The JesusCome! Community is therefore providing Christians with a digital space – an online, legitimate community – that is geared obsessively (and violently) to the return of Jesus.

Our focus is the personal/corporate preparation of prayer, intercession and the proclamation of the foolish word of the Cross.

We are calling Great Britain to repent.

Are you willing to accept that the diluting, controlling, monitored, persecuted spaces like Facebook must be exposed for what they are?

Consider telling a mate and please also consider supporting this community with regular giving so that this can be a long-term kingdom project.

Why is it time for something new?


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Jesus. @MairiFranks Learning to love as I should. @nickfranks @firebrandnotes

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