Jurassic Theology: Marriage isn’t about Marriage

We now think it’s all about sex, companionship, equality, inclusion, human ‘rights’, dignity, happiness and an extinct Jurassic, biblically-based theology that’s reduced to being ‘bigoted’ and ‘unloving’. But the Apostle Paul thought it wasn’t about any of these things; he thought it was all about God – all about the Bridegroom Jesus and His bride.

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Kneeling, Praying, Sailing, Walking, Dying

Acts 21 is a microcosm of community, discipleship, glory and suffering: Paul reaches the point where he knew he wouldn’t see his beloved family again and that this final voyage from Tyre to Caesarea was unto final suffering, imprisonmmet and death.

Imagine the scene as, with profuse tears, Paul’s missional community kneels together on the gritty sand, embracing each other tightly, praying that God would protect and bless their leader whose face they’d never see again.

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The Gay Cake Debate

It’s almost two years since I’ve written anything at length around the subject of marriage. Back in June 2013 I was compelled to put something together by way of a response to the (at that time) proposed redefinition of marriage. Since then, March 29th 2014 has come and gone, with relatively little upset in or out of the UK church, and ‘marriage’ as we now know it has been ‘redefined’. You can read my fairly comprehensive piece on marriage here, outlining the biblical perspective explained clearly from Scripture here. (I am yet to see any biblical foundation explained that supports a progressive conviction that homosexual marriage is pleasing to and blessed by God).

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