Relax and Wait

I’m currently sat in an airport and have just gone through the normal procedure: bag check-in, security, departure lounge etc. I looked up for my gate time to be announced. I was ahead of schedule and the airport I’m in simply has put relax and wait next to my flight number. Relax and wait!

I found that a refreshing way of an airport communicating with their passengers but it touched my heart too as well as my mind:

As well as this being applicable wisdom for all of us at different times, someone reading this needs to relax and wait now! Pause, wait but also actively relax while you wait. He is God. You are not.  


As an expression of your floundering trust in Jesus, but with firm resolve to trust that your mustard seed is infinitely enough anyway, say: “I trust you, Lord; I’m going to relax and wait”

Be blessed, go strong 


Writing Songs of Worship: A Couple of Tips

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever been given for writing songs is from a top, top guy called Steve Parsons who once gave me the analogy of moving into a new house and turning on the kitchen tap for the first time in months: initially as the water runs it can be muddy-brown and not fit for much; after a while it runs clear and the clarity comes allowing you (and others) to drink. Continue reading


Care Scotland

Spending time with my friend @theoweir at @carescot has been a breath of fresh air in recent months. Stuart heads up the Scottish arm of Care, based in Glasgow.

In working with these guys, I have had my eyes opened to the valuable difference being made in parliament by Christians who want to influence our society and culture by tackling some of the huge issues that we pray and care about.

Check this video out:


Hipsters & Homelessness

Despite its regular usage nowadays, the term Hipster is apparently way more difficult to define than the frequent use of the sub-cultural word might suggest. Check out the etymology and historical sojourn of the term here:

Living in Edinburgh’s New Town district as a wannabe Hipster myself, (in that I’m not trying to be a Hipster or trying to look like one especially, but I suspect I might have stylistic leanings that way), I am spoilt for choice for expensive barbers and stylists where I can go to go grab a hair cut and a beard trim complete with beard oils and double shots of single malt whisky. Really. My birthday-treat hair cut at Ruffians last month was amazing: “cup of tea or coffee, sir…or a whisky?” …. Nick’s slightly disinterested, dismissive facial gives way to a wide-eyed expression of “yes, please!”. Continue reading