Crocodile Tears

I had a profound moment recently with my good friend Pansaonic Viera while chilling out at the end of a long day. (He is a quality guy but can impose himself too much at times so Mairi and I need to get the backgammon or Uno set out). Anyway…

Channel-hopping as I was, up came Bear Grylls in his new programme The Island in the second episode where a bunch of the bravado-beset guys had just caught their first meal of their ordeal – a decent-sized Caiman Croc. There was much strutting, high-fiving and banter as they took charge of the beast and took it back to camp. Continue reading


FbN2 Fitness Blender Challenge: 30, 40, 50 or 60?

We follow Fitness Blender as an excellent part of our exercise plan. Amongst swimming, BodyPump, weights and other CV exercise, it’s great to have some HIIT routines (High Intensity Interval Training) to challenge different energy/fitness systems.

Here’s a particularly hard Fitness Blender HIIT challenge. Why not give it a go and see what interval you can get to? I managed 40 but Mairi nailed 50! (tip: make sure you’re properly warmed up). Continue reading


Celebrate the Rain

I was whinging in the rain, once I remember well
It was cold and grey and to the bone I could tell
Memories of summer had faded as vapour
Lost in damp denim and golfing umbrellas

“You should be thankful”, said she, amidst the clatter
Of rain on tarp and pitter patter
“‘Tis a sign of blessing, not lamentation
Of spiritual joy lost in translation”

Nick Franks



Church Last Night at the O2

‘Twas great to be with friends from Hillsong last night at their European conference in the O2 Arena, London.

Karl Lenz preached up a beautiful storm from the green fields and quiet waters of Psalm 23. The Hillsong crew led worship powerfully & Matt Redman (a National Treasure) sent us home as the dancing generation